Engaging Your People

Employee engagement is attracting increasing attention as a critical factor for success and performance. Employees that understand their purpose and how this applies to their roles and goals of their organisation will propel the company forward. Yet engagement is elusive and often misunderstood as simply ‘happiness’. A core area of work for us to to help organisations to engage their people, learning how to create the challenging and supportive environment that top performing people need in order to be at their best.

Communication, Culture and Values

We are all unique. We behave in different ways and care about different things. However, science shows us that there are core trends in human behaviour and values; we tend to have biases towards types of behaviour and are driven by a number of core ‘values’. Understanding how we act - what people see (and hear) - and what drives us is the beginning of understanding how to communicate effectively, where culture in an organisation comes from (and how to change it) and the values that underpin individual and corporate action. We can help individuals and teams to understand how they communicate, what they care about and where their ‘common ground’ lies. We can lead teams through an exploration of their values; for example, what one person means by “excellent customer service” can differ from someone else’s view in the team. Identifying these differences and working towards common objectives will have direct benefits to the success of the organisation. Typically this work includes a mix of group learning and one-to-one coaching, using insight from psychometric assessment.

Recruitment and Onboarding

Ensuring that the right candidate is recruited at the outset is a significant factor in successful engagement and reducing staff turnover. We consult with our clients at interview stage to apply objective data - insight from assessments - to the interview process, enabling our clients to ask highly insightful questions of their candidates. This is not about screening people in or out, but getting a highly accurate insight into whether a candidate’s values, behaviours and essential skills (soft skills) match the needs of the organisation.


The interview becomes significantly more effective - great news for both employer and candidate.


Applying the assessment data, we are able to advise our clients on an effective onboarding programme for the candidate, identifying factors that will engage and motivate them as well as areas where support in the first few weeks of the appointment will make a world of difference.


Recruit the right person and set them up to succeed - with objective data and insight.

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